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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Adam A Real Threat To Josslyn and Dex?

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Adam A Real Threat To Josslyn and Dex?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Adam (Joshua Bernard) is a bit of an enigma. The first time we met Adam he had watched the sex tape that Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) had made of Cameron Webber (William Lipton) and Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) the first time they made love without their knowledge.

Believing that Joss was well aware of what was going on, he tried to hit on her. Josslyn shut him down and that was the last we saw of the young man for several months.

General Hospital Spoilers – Adam apologized to Josslyn Jacks!

When Adam reappeared several months later, he was quite contrite about his former behavior. He asked Josslyn to forgive him, and she eventually did.

During this time, Cameron and Josslyn broke up and Josslyn began seeing Dex Heller (Evan Hofer). Adam and Josslyn are both studying pre-med so they have spent quite a bit of time studying together. But it’s become quite clear that Adam has become quite smitten with Josslyn.

GH Spoilers – Who is Adam?

Adam has revealed very little about his past. He apparently comes from a wealthy family who has planned his whole life out for him. Adam is definitely envious of Josslyn when she talks about the freedoms that her parents have given her to make her own choices.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Adam A Real Threat To Josslyn and Dex?

But there seems to be a darker side of Adam that is just below the surface. It’s too early to tell if he just has a crush or if he is dangerously obsessed with his classmate but there have been signs pointing toward the latter.

General Hospital Spoilers – Adam wanted to remain in Josslyn Jacks’ dorm room after she left!

Recently, Dex interrupted a lengthy study session between Adam and Josslyn in Joss’ dorm room. When Dex wanted to take Joss out for a boat ride, Adam tried to convince her to stay.

Then he offered to stick around her dorm room since she was expecting a delivery. Joss declined and Adam reluctantly left. But what purpose could he have had in wanting to linger in Joss’ room once she was gone?

Was he planning on stealing one of her personal possessions? While that isn’t clear, Adam certainly gives off creepy vibes and may eventually act out on them and could potentially hurt either Joss or Dex.

What do you think?

Is Adam harmless? Or could he be a real threat to Joss or Dex? Could Adam cross a line he can’t come back from? Anything can happen in Port Charles so stay tuned to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC.

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  1. Gammalinda48 says

    Come on let’s not make Adam a weirdo, I actually feel for him!! I read somewhere that he & Esme end up hooking up??? How I don’t know maybe her trying to find a place to live on her own, and she was at the library looking up places available to rent and he was there!! Yes that sounds a little Much don’t ya think!! One person I’d like to see change is Joss yes I said Joss, she’s terrible right now, her acting ability has gone way down the Tubes, along with Dex not that Dex has shown good acting because his is Horrible right from the start !! Another one is Trina OMG stop it, the little love scenes are horrible the 4 of them should be put on a ship, and brought back when they are in their 30’s !! So back to Adam please don’t make him a weirdo, give him a cute storyline for a change!! So Sorry about me going on and on about really nothing to be said !! So feel free to shut be down ok….

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