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General Hospital Spoilers: Are Brook Lynn and Chase About to Play Parents Again?

General Hospital Spoilers: Are Brook Lynn and Chase About to Play Parents Again?General Hospital spoilers suggest Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) and Harrison Chase) Josh Swickard) never imagined that they would become parents so soon after their wedding, but rumor has it that’s the role they’re stepping into next.

These two aren’t unfamiliar with raising a child together, but they only did so in the past for a very short time. This time around, things are going to seem a lot more uncertain as Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) finds himself struggling to stay sober — and Brook Lynn and Chase find themselves needing to take Violet Finn (Jophielle Love) home with them for a while.

How long can this go on, and what will the ramifications be if Finn does or does not get his act together?

General Hospital Spoilers — Finn Veers Left

Right now, it seems like Finn is on the right track. He slipped up for a minute and he knew it. He doesn’t want to lose everything he’s worked so hard for, and he doesn’t want to disappoint his father or tarnish his memory by throwing it all away over some grief.

He knows he can handle this. There’s just one problem. Tasting alcohol again after all these years took Finn right back to a place that he loved being.

His love-hate relationship with booze may look easy to defeat on the surface, but he’s not guaranteed to bounce back this time around. What does that mean for his little girl who is relying on him?

GH Spoilers Hint Brook Lynn Goes Above and Beyond

Brook Lynn meant it when she told Finn she was there for whatever he needed — be it a babysitter, a grocery grabber, or a shoulder to cry on.

Now, it appears that what Finn is going to need will be a much larger task than Brook Lynn or Chase can take on. With Finn riding the emotional rollercoaster of alcoholism, he won’t be able to parent Violet in any way that anyone thinks is best.

Despite how hostile he was toward Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) when she tried to outline boundaries for his behavior, it’s likely that Finn will become self aware enough to recognize he isn’t well enough to be Violet’s full time caretaker.

General Hospital Spoilers: Are Brook Lynn and Chase About to Play Parents Again?

He won’t want her to see him off the wagon. Going to stay with Uncle Chase and Aunt Brook Lynn for a while may be the best thing for her — and Brook Lynn will wholeheartedly agree.

General Hospital Spoilers — The Future is Murky

Nothing sounds more fun to Brook Lynn than playing house with her new hubby, and Chase will be delighted to watch how joyfully his new bride embraces his family in their time of need.

But playing house was hard the first time when it came time for it to end. Will Finn finally get himself cleaned up and prepare to take his daughter back, only to be met with a challenge from Brook Lynn — and possibly Chase, too?

Will loving Violet almost as their own end up bringing Brook Lynn and Chase to their knees having to part way with another child?

Will this tee them up to starting trying for their own baby — possibly only to find out they can’t have children? With so many questions up in the air, it makes sense to stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers.

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  2. Liza says

    Finn was addicted to pain killers. He was never written as enjoying alcohol or living a lifestyle that involved a lot pleasure or anything else around a the taste of alcohol. He got used to being numb and using a substance to do it so get the characterization right if you are going to take him down this road.

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