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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Joss Tries To Bury Her Feelings For Dex In Favor Of Cam — Ends Up In Bed With Him Instead


General Hospital: Josslyn ‘Joss’ Jacks (Eden McCoy)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal Josslyn ‘Joss’ Jacks (Eden McCoy) is constantly going back and forth in her mind between Cameron ‘Cam’ Webber (William Lipton) and Dex Heller (Evan Hofer). She’s tried so desperately to steer clear of Dex but still seems to bump into him all over the place. Now, she’s bonded with him over the trauma of his gunshot wound, and he’s given her another reason not to forget him — that kiss! Joss cannot believe she allowed it to happen, and she feels even guiltier that she hopes it does again. She’s supposed to be in an exclusive relationship with Cam, her best friend. How can she move forward without breaking his heart? Easy. She just has to forget about Dex. Easier said than done.

General Hospital Spoilers — Joss Jacks Can’t Forget That Kiss

Joss is going to try her hardest to stop seeing Dex everywhere she goes. If she stumbles upon him at Kelly’s or somewhere else, she will have to leave. If he contacts her — which he never has — she will have to ignore his calls. Whatever it takes, Joss knows she can’t let herself get caught up in another moment like that with Dex again, or something far more serious than a kiss could go down. Since she’s not ready to end her relationship with Cam or devastate him with the truth about her feelings for Dex, she’s just going to work to snuff them out. It won’t work, but she’s going to try anyway.

General Hospital Updates – Dex Heller Comes Calling

Sure, Dex never reached out to Joss, until now. It seems like this guy might also have a hard time forgetting how he and Joss left things. Furthermore, he’s about to find himself embroiled in a bit of drama as Brick (Stephen A. Smith) comes to realize Dex was the person Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) needed those antibiotics for.

General Hospital: Dex Heller (Evan Hofer)

Brick is going to do his job and report back to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) that he thinks Carly has a connection to Dex. That’s all it will take for Sonny to jump to conclusions about what his ex-wife is up to with his associate who is many years her junior. When Dex is forced to explain what happened, Joss is going to get roped into his orbit once again.

Oops, She Did It Again!

As Joss and Dex battle with Sonny to give him yet another chance to prove his loyalty, it’s also going to give Dex another chance to make a move on Joss. At first, she’s going to resist his charms. She has committed herself to make things work with Cam. But alas, the heart wants what the heart wants and Joss is going to go all the way with Dex. What happens next? You’ll have to come back for more GH news and spoilers to find out!

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  1. Andie says

    I hope Joss and Dex do become a couple. It least he’s interesting., and handsome. Watching she and Cam as a couple is like watching a frozen lake thaw out. Slow, boring, and uneventful. Lets face it, all the young adults have matured in looks and behavior. And Cam still looks and behaves like a high school kid with his first crush and first job….yawn?

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