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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Jeff Kober Doesn’t Mind Being On Genie Francis’ Receiving End

General Hospital (GH) spoilers say that for someone like Jeff Kober (Cyrus Renault) getting to work with Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) has been a dream come true. And that’s not just because she is a truly talented and beautiful woman who is also considered to be a daytime television legend in the making, but also because he gets to be on the receiving end of Laura’s on-screen ire. And now, it’s not as bad as it may sound. Here’s what he has to say.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jeff Kober Doesn’t Mind Being On Genie Francis’ Receiving End

Speaking to Soap Opera Digest in a new interview, Jeff says that he always looks forward to having scenes with the one and only Genie Francis, and for a good reason, too. Jeff says that Genie is the kind of person who really gets into her work and puts in all of her energy into her scenes, regardless of what the outcome may be.

He says, “She wants to be alive and she’s like, ‘Yeah, come on! Get in my face!” The scene where she slapped me because apparently, I might have been responsible for something that happened to her daughter, and I come to her and say, ‘If there’s anything that I can do, just let me know.’ And she goes through about 20 different feelings in five second and then just hauls off and smacks me.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Jeff’s Admiration For Genie Spencer

Jeff goes on to say that the experience was so “rich” that he wouldn’t mind for Genie to slap him again! The actor also says that he loves the fact that his character is related to someone like Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) on the show. While Laura has made it no secret that she is rather unhappy about this revelation, Cyrus is using it to his advantage. For Jeff though, he was just as surprised about this new family connection as perhaps everyone in Port Charles was, too.

Jeff added, “I knew that Genie Francis and I had a really nice connection and I thought, ‘What are they going to do with this?’ And then it was, ‘Oh, my God, she’s my sister! I thought, ‘She is soap opera royalty!’”

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  1. Fire says

    He an great actor but I hate him and can’t not believe these damn writers writers are doing this secret story enough with that they done did one why do another that’s plain stupid there more to life than that what in the hell these writers thinking I know we all get tired if that story they need to write something else I’m sick of it all all we get is dull I bet if I get these writers fired of bet we get more to it than that bs at least they leave ppl alive for a few week these can do that save their soul I don’t how the hell they became a writers something must went wrong on the life whatever it us they don’t need to bring it on soaps and stuff just bc something must have went on in their personal relationship don’t mean they have to bring it here we are not here for it

    1. Sheridan Fenwick says

      What a terrible thing to say..You should be ashamed ..but of course you are not…STOP WATCHING THE SHOW…You must be watching just so you can say Nasty things about the show and writers…WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY!!!You are a loser sitting at your computer just to criticize this decades long show ..if it was as bad as you WOULD NOT STILL BE ON…..SO CAN IT LOSER…YOU ARE STUPID ..NOT THE SHOW .. OR ANYTHING ABOUT THE SHOW..ITS ABOUT YOU…I should feel sorry for you ..but I don’t..get your rock and crawl back under it……Whatever….

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