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Charles Shaughnessy Reveals Details About His General Hospital Exit

Charles Shaughnessy

General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates tease that Charles Shaughnessy, who played Victor Cassadine and Alistair Durban in the series, has revealed some details about his exits.

Charles has left the series twice. He previously played Alistair Durban in 1984 and Victor Cassadine from 2021 to 2023.

In his last moments, Victor Cassadine tried to eliminate half of the population in order to save the world. But he was tracked down and was eventually stopped. He was killed in an air strike that took down The Haunted Star.

To Charles, it wasn’t the strike that was the last part of his time with the cast and crew. His actual last moment was when Victor read his will. He said it wasn’t as dramatic at all, especially when they had a production break for two weeks.

He also recalled that when they shot the scenes of his death, everyone was asking if it was his last day. And then he answered that it still wasn’t and he’ll be back after two weeks to shoot another scene. And then they said that they’ll say goodbye until then.

General Hospital Spoilers – There’s No One To Say Goodbye To!

But when he came back to shoot his scene, it was just a last will and testament video and it was just basically taped. So, there are only a few cast and crew to say farewell to.

He recalled that his scenes were at the end of the day. It was just him reading his statement in front of the camera to be taped. He also said that he wasn’t even called in until it was six in the evening. So, a lot of the cast and crew have already gone home.

General Hospital: Charles Shaughnessy (Victor Cassadine)

General Hospital Updates – Is It Really Final?

We all know that death doesn’t mean goodbye when it comes to General Hospital. Some characters return from the dead or another character is created for the same actors. We’ll never know.

So far, Charles worked on The Winchesters and Driven recently. His long-term career revolved around another soap, Days of Our Lives, where he played Shane/Drew Donovan from 1984 to 2017. He also appeared in the spinoff Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem in four episodes in 2021.

He also appeared in other popular series such as Good Behavior, Modern Family, The Magicians, and NCIS. We can’t wait what Charles would do next. Or would he return to Port Charles again?

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