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GH Spoilers: Gregory Gets Misdiagnosis, Second Chance At Love

General Hospital: Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison)

The General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) could get a misdiagnosis. He might also get a second chance at love. Viewers think it’s time for Gregory to get a happy ending.

GH Spoilers: Gregory Kisses Alexis

According to the General Hospital spoilers, Gregory jumped out of a plane and kissed Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Fans want to see their relationship unfold. The user 24Kasie76 asked on the Message Boards: “After jumping out of a plane, Gregory KISSED Alexis? Did you all enjoy the KISS or not?”

GH fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. So far, the comments are mixed. One user wrote: “I missed that scene (thank goodness). Gregory has so much more ‘spark’ with Tracy than with Alexis. Gregory would be a great guy to help her get over moping about Luke (ugh).” Another fan commented: “Nope. The last thing Alexis needs is another dead ex.”

Other fans were interested in this scene. They thought it was a well-acted and well-produced scene. Alexis conquered her fears of heights. It was a life-changing moment for both characters.

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that they got swept up in the moment. That’s when Gregory kissed Alexis. It was relatable to fans. They would love to see how their relationship plays out.

A third user noted: “The scene was so full of life for two characters who have been sad sacks for such a long time. I’m not sure how I feel about a romance though.”

General Hospital: Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison)

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Gregory Get A Misdiagnosis?

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that Gregory could end up with a misdiagnosis. It’s time for the character to have a happy ending. One user demanded a possible outcome to this storyline. The user maggiebh wrote: “Oh PLEASE soap gods, let Gregory be misdiagnosed!!! After that kiss between Alexis and Gregory today, is there anyone out there who does not want him misdiagnosed?”

GH fans took to the thread to share their thoughts. Once again, the reaction is mixed. However, they would love to see Alexis with a good man like Gregory. One user wrote: “I think that’s where it’s headed. May play out slowly but I don’t think he’s going to die! I’m no Alexis fan she’s way too neurotic and frenetic to me, but I really like Gregory!”

Another user noted: “Hoping they have misdiagnosed him, it’s time for Alexis to have one of the good guys, someone non-mob related, good looking, has an edge, smart, funny, I’m rooting for them!”

What are your thoughts on Gregory and Alexis’ kiss? Did you like it? Do you think Gregory will get a misdiagnosis? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  2. JakeWade says

    We don’t want Gregory to die! Period… so a misdiagnosis would be a perfect way to start the new year. That and Curtis walking again. What a moronic waste of talent and mind numbing storyline from the beginning..

  3. Judith Molina says

    l was jolted by Gregory and Alexis’s kiss. I had to think about it for a moment. I do want Alexis to find true love. She deserves it. However, I would have preferred a Tracy pairing.. Gregory stands up to Tracy and I’ve noticed the fireworks between them. He could mellow her out. Plus, the concern showed on Tracy’s face when she learned of his illness. The writer’s could have them acknowledge that THE KISS was a mistake. Let him court Tracy.

  4. Angel776 g says

    I want to have Nina exposed on set up Drew and Carly Nina has gotten away with too much and Sonny should not forgive for all the ones who have hurt by Nina Lies I want Sonny back with Sonny not with Drew.
    Greggory & Alexis are good couple do not want him to die.

    1. Kerry says

      Do you people not remember what Carly did to Nina regarding NELL. Carly is no frigging
      saint. In fact she was the one chasing Nell till she went over a cliff. Supposedly”

      1. Pamela005 says

        Thank you! What has Nina actually done that was as bad as Carly did when she came to PC.? Willow needs to get off her high horse, soapbox and her pedestal to find a way to forgive her mom as I find it shocking that she looks to Carly as a role model. After she kept Nell and Willows paternity a secret from Nina, I think Nina was totally justified to retaliate, just wish Drew wasn’t the one that went to prison. Drew and Carly yuck!!!!! I almost hope Nell comes back and destroys Carly’s perfect little world. Again Nina was put into a coma by her own mother, and had her daughters stolen from her and given away to POS families and no one sees anything there to show her any sympathy. I am so sick of seeing Carly forgiven for everything that she does that I am on the verge of not watching anymore. I hope the new writers are better than the old ones as things are getting stale at GH.

  5. lbc says

    I haven’t seen the kiss yet, but am all in for the misdiagnosis. Finn/Chase need their sensible father around in the middle of all the other adult chaos. Hope writers see things for Gregory go in this direction.

  6. LJR says

    Oddly, because I’m really not at all an Alexis fan, I loved this entire scene including the kiss! I love Gregory and was hoping fervently for a miracle misdiagnosis! His character is a great guy, and he actually seems to soften and stabilize Alexis somewhat! He is a wonderful father and grandfather and deserves happiness! He would be a huge loss to GH and many characters! I say go for it!!’

  7. MJ says

    I hope he was misdiagnosed and sticks around. But I’d rather see him with almost ANYNODY BUT Alexis. He doesn’t need her neurotic mess, or her daughters and their issues.

  8. MJ says

    I hope he stays around, but can’t stand Alexis. I would rather see him with just about anybody else.

  9. Marci says

    What the heck? It keeps telling me this is a duplicate comment from me, which it isn’t! Give me a break! So lets try this again….

    “I hope he stays around, but can’t stand Alexis. I would rather see him with just about anybody else.”

  10. janice says

    I will have an issue if there is a misdiagnosis. My husband died of ALS. Those who are suffering from this disease and their caretakers can get false hope from this. This is such a devastating disease. It knocks the wind out of the patients and their families and friends

    1. Carlyne says

      I agree with you 100%. My son had ALS and he passed in 2021. Worst Disease There Is.

  11. Charlotte says

    I loved it they belong together.

  12. Dawn says

    Love Alexis and Gregory together!! Hope he is misdiagnosed!! Great actor!!
    Would love to see him stay on the show!!

  13. Claire says

    I would love to see Alexis happy to a really good guy and let her be happy for a long time. it can be written with silly lines that Gregory has to say. I like the two together.

  14. Cindy says

    I hope they got it wrong,Alexis has had a bad time finding love.. they die on her are mob related & die.. Bout time she finds her try love and they have a happy life..Give them both happiness sure they will have ups & downs, but they will have love & happiness life

  15. Carlyne says

    ALS is a very serious disease and the writers should never have entered into this storyline if they weren’t going to take it seriously and see it to the end. People DON’T get misdiagnosed with ALS. There are NO test for it. It is diagnosed after ALL other diseases have been ruled out. It is a terrible, fatal disease with an average life expectancy of 3-5 years. My son died from ALS in 2021. Not to finish this ALS story properly would be a “slap in the face” to the thousands of people who are diagnosed with it every year. And by the way, over 50% of the people who have ALS are our Veterans! My son was one of them.

  16. Ali says

    YES! Please let Gregory LIVE!!! I love his character—and, who doesn’t love Gregory Harrison?? He has been such a great addition to the show, and he needs a PERMANENT and bigger storyline. I hope that the “powers that be” on GH will get this done!!!

  17. Ali says

    Yes! PLEASE let it be a misdiagnosis 😊 And I’m not sure who I’m rooting for, as far as a romance—def either Tracey OR Alexis!!

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