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General Hospital’s John J. York Is Thrilled To Have A Juicy Storyline

General Hospital's John J. York Is Thrilled To Have A Juicy Storyline


General Hospital spoilers reveal Mac Scorpio continuing to wonder if Cody Bell might be his son but unsure if he should do anything to pursue that possibility.

General Hospital Spoilers: Rewriting History

Many fans have pointed out that Mac did not sleep with Dominique Taub (Shell Danielson) before she went to Shadybrook, but that is what GH is telling us and we just have to go with it. That’s the theory Mac and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) are also going with to explain why Dominique would have ever given up one of her children after wanting Serena Baldwin so badly. Surely, Dom gave birth while in Shadybrook and did not even know it.

So, while we are just accepting a new rewrite of history, we can also be happy that Mac is also getting his own major storyline for the first time in years. He has sat on the sidelines for too long being Maxie Jones’ (Kirsten Storms) babysitter and now is his time to shine. Actor John J. York could not be more thrilled.

Better Not To Be In The Background

John J. York has been bringing Mac Scorpio to life since the 1990s but has been relegated to the back burner for far too long. Thankfully, John J. York can joke about it and be pragmatic.

“You know, I tell people, ‘I do my best work off-camera,” York said in the September 26, 2022, issue of Soap Opera Digest. “I feel like mostly I get to see the apple and maybe nibble at the stem of the apple but this time, I feel like I’m actually going to be taking a small bite out of the apple so it’s kind of nice.”

General Hospital's John J. York Is Thrilled To Have A Juicy Storyline

While York did think it was a little odd when grandparents Mac and Felicia began talking about never having a baby together and Mac never having a biological child of his own, York soon understood what all that dialogue was about and now he sees Mac in this predicament he never expected to be in.

“It’s uncomfortable,” York said. “Mac and Felicia have a great life together and they’ve been through so much and everything is amazing and this could change things…If it turns out that Cody is his son, I think he would want to get to know him….I don’t know how they’re going to write this, but as John York playing Mac Scorpio, Mac, for me, is someone that would want to try to build on ‘We’re here now, so how do we go forward.'”

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