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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael’s Secrets Could Destroy His Marriage with Willow, and Nina Might Encourage That

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael's Secrets Could Destroy His Marriage with Willow, and Nina Might Encourage That

General Hospital spoilers leak Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) is far from delighted to find that Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) has been the snake in the grass he suspected all along.

He could never put his finger on it. He assumed his distaste for her stemmed only from the last mistakes she had made, like keeping his father away from his family and letting them believe he was dead.

But now he feels validated in hating his mother-in-law turned stepmommy. Her marriage to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) while keeping this secret speaks volumes to her character.

She was never going to tell Sonny or anyone else the truth. That will work to Michael’s advantage as he aims to blackmail her into staying away from his wife and children.

But Nina might have her own plans up her sleeve that could leave Michael flailing in the wind.

General Hospital Spoilers — Michael Has Underestimated the Mother-Daughter Bond

Michael knew when Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) opened her heart and let Nina into it, she would be devastated if she ended up disappointed by her.

Michael might be telling himself he’s keeping this secret from Willow so that he can shield her from that pain, but he has to know she would never see it that way.

He wants to control Nina’s access to her, and he will have little regard for how Willow might take it being rejected by Nina as she tries to continue spending time with her.

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael's Secrets Could Destroy His Marriage with Willow, and Nina Might Encourage That

GH Spoilers Claim Nina Weaponizes the Truth

Rumor has it Nina knows what her next move is going to be, but she has to tread carefully so it comes out the right way.

She has already attacked Carly Spencer (Laura Wright), and she will have to clue Willow in on the truth — admitting to that — while also trying not to sound like she’s throwing her husband under the bus to save herself.

Painting herself as a victim while confessing her sins and begging for forgiveness could go a long way with Willow — who wants to hang onto her mom — while painting Michael as the aggressor.

General Hospital Spoilers — A Marriage Might End

Everyone is expecting that Sonny is going to leave Nina when he learns she tried to have Carly thrown in jail. But it’s possible Sonny will grant Nina yet another pass, believing she’s truly sorry — and just like Willow, wanting to hang onto his ties with her.

After all, they just got married. Rather, it could be Michael’s marriage that will be in jeopardy when Willow learns he has been keeping her mother away from her intentionally and behind her back.

How can this possibly turn out well for all parties involved? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

  1. Doll says

    Michael need to tell Carly and let her decide what to do. Carly was the one who was targeted and it should be Carly who goes after Nina. This keeps Michael in the clear.

  2. Nanlee says

    Yes Willow should know his blackmailing and controlling and Sonny and Nina stand with Willow in it .That Willow and Nina and Sonny relationship grow closer and the children..

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