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General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Escapes, Will She Blow Their Cover?

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Escapes, Will She Blow Their Cover?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) will leave the safe house now that the Nurses’ Ball planning is underway. Will Lucy blow the plan before Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) can be taken down?

Lucy Coe Is Tired Of Hiding Out

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Lucy is tired of staying at the safe house and will make a break. Lucy refuses to listen to reason now that Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) is planning the ball without her. Lucy has been the MC for the ball for years. Lucy refuses to allow someone else to handle the Nurses’ Ball.

Lucy has been kidnapped and held hostage in a dungeon. Lucy was separated from Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) for months. Lucy has reunited with Martin at the safe house and has spent a great deal of time with him lately. However, Martin isn’t there to keep Lucy occupied and she hates to be told no. Lucy may think she can stay out of sight but she should stay at the safe house.

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Cassadine Believes Lucy Coe Is Dead

Victor believes that Lucy, along with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) are all dead. Unfortunately, Lucy could very easily blow that by leaving the safe house and going to Port Charles. If Victor learns the truth too soon, it is hard to say what he will do to the three of them. Will Lucy get caught?

Lucy goes to the Metrocourt instead of trying to catch Maxie at home. No one recognizes her so far but low and behold, Lucy walks out of the elevator to see Victor sitting at the bar. All Victor has to do is turn around and Lucy could be discovered. Where would Lucy go? How does Lucy propose to get away from Victor if she is cornered there?

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Escapes, Will She Blow Their Cover?

GH Spoilers: Lucy Coe Decides To Wait For Maxie Jones

Since Lucy has been unable to get Maxie alone, she will wait in Maxie’s office in search of her. However, Maxie believes Lucy is dead as well so she’s likely to be very surprised. Will Maxie realize that Lucy is there or will she assume someone else has grabbed her? Can Lucy keep Maxie from alerting others to her presence?

Anna is forced to hunt down Lucy. Victor would gladly kill the three of them if Lucy is found at the Metrocourt. Lucy may not way to believe this but Anna will try to get the point across. After all, Anna loves Valentin and doesn’t want him hurt either. Can Anna get through to Lucy before Victor has them all killed?

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