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General Hospital Spoilers: Linc’s Exit, Music To Brook Lynn’s Ears Or Trouble?

General Hospital Spoilers: Linc’s Exit, Music To Brook Lynn’s Ears Or Trouble?

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there is no love loss between Linc Brown (Dan Buran) and Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton). Brook Lynn just went after Linc on stage and exposed him as the predator that everyone knows he is and Blaze (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) backed her up on that. However, if anything happens to Linc that could put Brook Lynn in the hot seat.

Dan Buran Exits GH This Week

General Hospital spoilers reveal that after Linc was escorted out the door by the police, he may not be seen again Not being one to just walk away, Linc could be arrested for harassing these young women and being a sexual predator and be put away for a very long time. If something isn’t done, Linc is going to keep up this same behavior.

Linc secured Brook Lynn’s ELQ shares for Valentin some time ago. Brook Lynn faked a pregnancy to get them back. However, Linc has continued to try to control Brook Lynn after he got control of her music. Brook Lynn tried to find a loophole to get out of her deal with Linc to no avail. Now Brook Lynn has blown the non-disclosure agreement that she signed with Linc to get her songs back.

General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Quartermaine Hates Linc Brown

Brook Lynn has made no secret of the fact that she cannot stand Linc. Now that Brook Lynn forfeited her part in this clause, Brooke Lynn has an even bigger reason to want Linc out of the picture. Could Brooke Lynn end up killing Linc and blaming someone else? Could Brook Lynn accidentally point the finger at the one person she should want to protect?

General Hospital Spoilers: Linc’s Exit, Music To Brook Lynn’s Ears Or Trouble?

Harrison Chase and Linc have had issues. Chase go in trouble over punching Linc over Brook Lynn before. If Linc turns up dead, Chase could be in big trouble unless he has a very good alibi. Will Chase end up in police custody once again since his arrest? Would Chase have intentionally harmed Linc after the outburst on stage?

GH Spoilers: Is This The End Of Linc Brown?

Although Buran exit is a sure thing, for now, no one seems to know exactly what will happen to Linc. Has Linc decided he needs to get out of Dodge, so to speak before Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) comes after him over Brook Lynn? Could Sonny have seen what Linc was trying with Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy)?

Sonny could easily have Linc taken care of, especially if he knows about Linc’s latest stunt. No matter how Linc’s exit is written, Brook Lynn will certainly be thrilled to see him go. Hopefully, fans will see Buran in the future but in a very different role.

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