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General Hospital Spoilers: Is Spencer Cassadine Really Returning-Will He Have A New Face, Or Was It Really The End Of ‘Sprina’?

General Hospital: Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali)

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who played Spencer Cassadine, may not be returning after all. Rumors abound that because he un-followed his GH co-stars on social media, he won’t be completing Spencer and Trina Robinson’s (Tabyana Ali) story.

General Hospital Spoilers: All The Cute Photos Of Him And Tabyana Ali Are Deleted

While investigating both his X Twitter account and his official Instagram account, one can quickly see all his cute photos of him and Tabyana Ali are deleted.

She isn’t even found among those he followed on Instagram where many GH people were found in the list. All that seem to be left among photos and reels are from his Netflix project “Monsters” currently in production on both X and Instagram.

He originally was going to complete his GH contract and come back as Spencer starting to film in April, or whenever “Monsters” wraps up production. Could something have changed on his end, or perhaps plans for ‘Sprina’ changed with the new GH writers?

GH Spoilers: Spencer Cassadine And Trina Robinson Were A Super Couple

It’s been years since a new pairing with a super couple status had appeared on the soap, and ‘Sprina’ definitely had what it took to qualify as one. The ‘Sprina’ pairing as well as Trina/Tabyana herself have a huge social media following and a quite vocal one as well.

It seems incredibly stupid for the powers that be and the new writing team to not take advantage of that and let ‘Sprina’ continue their saga with Spencer being found alive.

Nothing is definite, however, and there is a great deal of speculation concerning Nicholas Alexander Chavez’ social media moves-and there’s always the possibility he could have been hacked!

General Hospital: Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali)

If he doesn’t return, however, Spencer could still return with a brand new face-it’s been done many times before on the show.

General Hospital Spoilers: Until It’s Official, Don’t Assume The Worst!

A lot can be read into social media posts or how actors deal with their accounts-so until it’s official that Spencer’s staying dead, ‘Sprina’ fans shouldn’t assume the worst.

If an actor puts a like on a fan’s comment, it can generally be assumed they agree with what was commented, but otherwise social media can be pretty vague. If no one’s posted what’s going on, which Nicholas hasn’t, then he likely will be back filming GH when he can.

Tabyana has said nothing specific either-and doesn’t appear to be following him either at least not on X Twitter. So for now, fans shouldn’t panic, and the show will likely get back to the ‘Sprina’ story when Nicholas is available to film.

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  2. Babs says

    I hope that he doesn’t come back. Look at all of the he’ll he’s put her through. of course if she wouldn’t have followed him in the first place, she wouldn’t of gone through what she did.

    1. Naomi says

      Spencer will returned we all love him with Trina she loves him dearly. Besides he has a family out there who love him. Have Spencer and Trina reunite again. Look at Jason he didn’t have new face he a same person he was why change Spencer face so please don’t change him let him stay same

  3. Barbara says

    If the Spencer character does not return, then they should recast him. Once the soap stars get into doing movies most are hard pressed to come back to the grueling daytime schedule. I’ve heard that Nicholas Chavez has unfriended all of his former GH co-stars. I’ve also heard the writer’s may pair Dex and Trina in the future. I HOPE that is NOT true. Trina and Joss were best friends, Dex is Joss’ ex boyfriend. To pair Dex and Trina would be wrong on so many levels.

  4. Cheyenne says

    Please don’t end the relationship with Spencer and Trina they are wonderful to be together. Even he has a new face , that Trina truth love and besides Spencer have a family they love him dearly and his father and Ace and everybody love, put Trina and Spencer back together

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  6. Renita Ford says

    Please bring him love him he is a good actor do not take him away for us

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