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General Hospital Spoilers: Heart-Stopping Drama Unfolds-Liz’s Worst Nightmare as Aiden Disappears?

General Hospital Spoilers: Heart-Stopping Drama Unfolds-Liz's Worst Nightmare as Aiden Disappears?

General Hospital spoilers and updates tease Elizabeth Baldwin’s (Rebecca Herbst) world is about to be turned upside down! Heart-stopping drama unfolds as it’s Liz’s worst nightmare when Aiden Webber (Tristan Riggs) disappears!

General Hospital Spoilers: The School Counselor May Have Troubling Updates

Elizabeth is bracing herself for some troubling updates from Aiden Webber’s school counselor, having scheduled an appointment to get an insight into how things were going for her son.

Elizabeth had already been worried about the pink paint stains on Aiden’s backpack and in his hair, although Aiden tried to downplay it, blaming the messiness of his art class.

However, Elizabeth couldn’t shake off the nagging fear that he might be facing some form of targeting at school-unfortunately, the situation might take a turn for the worse before getting better.

Even if Elizabeth receives unsettling news from the school counselor, the real cause for alarm might only reveal itself later on. Aiden can expect Elizabeth to approach him for a discussion if she learns that his classmates are coming after him.

GH Spoilers: Aiden Recently Came Out And Has A Boyfriend, Tobias

It seems like all of this is connected to Aiden’s revelation about his sexuality and his blossoming relationship with his boyfriend Tobias (uncast)-it’s not the first time he’s been targeted.

Aiden was in third grade when classmates targeted him for being “different” enjoying traditionally considered female activities such as baking. Naturally, Liz is worried about how this will impact her son, her internal alarm bells sounding off on May 22.

Unfortunately, if Aiden continues to ignore Liz’s calls and texts, and doesn’t come home when he’s supposed to, Elizabeth’s anxiety will only intensify. On the upcoming May 24 episode, we’ll witness Liz’s mounting fears as panic sets in, possibly due to Aiden’s sudden disappearance.

General Hospital Spoilers: Heart-Stopping Drama Unfolds-Liz's Worst Nightmare as Aiden Disappears?

General Hospital Spoilers: Where’s Aiden, Elizabeth Is Frantic!

Liz may decide to look into Aiden’s disappearance and possibly think about involving the authorities. Who knows, Aiden might turn up hidden in a locker or locked in a closet somewhere on school grounds. It’s even possible that Aiden is being held captive somewhere, depending on the cruelty of his classmates.

Elizabeth could end up on a quest to locate Aiden and feel angry when she discovers the extent of the bullying he’s enduring, and feel compelled to take some action.

According to upcoming spoilers, Aiden is definitely hiding the truth about the challenges he faces at school, so stay tuned for updates on Liz’s attempts to assist him.

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