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General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: 5 Reasons Sam McCall belongs with Drew Cain

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Drew Cain as played by Billy Miller made a huge impact in Port Charles. He is presumed dead but that is a minor detail where soaps are concerned. Drew Cain has been name dropped more than once and fans have not stopped hoping that he will turn up to whisk Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) off her feet.

As of late she has been in the dumps after breaking up with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). JaSam appear to have a rather large fork in them as he and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) have been circling each other especially after she saved his life and Sam seems to keep encountering Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna).

Now it’s been reported that a leaked script from the set of General Hospital shows that Drew Cain is alive. Will Drew return this summer, possibly portrayed by former All My Children actor Cameron Mathison?

We cannot wait to see how this plays out! Here are five reasons that Sam belongs with Drew.

#1 General Hospital Spoilers Show Drew and Sam Are Parents Together

Drew and Sam have a daughter together, Scout. This little girl deserves a solid dad figure in her life and there is no one better to provide that than Drew.

#2 General Hospital Spoilers Reveal Unfinished Business For Sam and Drew

Drew just dropped off the face of the earth when he died. Sam deserves to have closure with her baby daddy. If he came back the unfinished business between them could be sealed up and a new future forged.

#3 General Hospital Spoilers Sam Wants Safety Not Danger

If Sam follows through on her determination to create a life away from Jason and his deadly lifestyle, Drew could provide the stability she needs and wants to shelter her family in.

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: 5 Reasons Sam McCall belongs with Drew Cain

#4 General Hospital Spoilers Drew and Sam Are Out of Harm’s Way

Peter August (Wes Ramsey) was the one behind Drew’s death. He himself is now dead so there is a huge and dangerous obstacle removed from the picture for Drew and Sam. Now is the perfect time for Drew to return and not only woo Sam, but help her to find close up the investigation into his death.

#5 General Hospital Spoilers Fans Want a Happy Ending

GH fans love drama but happiness is also a main requirement for love in the afternoon. Drew and Sam would provide the perfect balance of angst and forever love!

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  1. Sarah Kennedy says

    You don’t seem to understand! Most fans just don’t want to see Drew back, they want Billy Miller they want to back to play Drew!

  2. Graciano Espinoza Jr says

    Sam does not belong with Drew Cain … she enjoys the excitement that comes with risk … that is where Jason comes in … they have a long history together fighting crime … she will eventually find her way back with Jason in the near future

  3. Paula White says

    Sam don’t belong with Drew when she married him the 2nd time she looked like she was going to be sick.Her heart belongs to Jason it’s these Writers who are the problem with this soap.They have destroyed so many couples Sam was always a strong and person who needed excitement in her life until these writers destroyed her character.GH needs new writers.

  4. Erik Stone says

    I think Drew & Sam would renewal their romance since his return from the dead, to make Jason as Britt’s boyfriend for romance, and Dante & Lulu’s romance to be renewed for real romance, when Dante & Lulu be lovers again for the first time in a few years. Probably if Sam be Drew’s lovers again, she & Jason will be remain as friends forever, since he’s having a real romantic future with Britt and not Carly.

  5. Leslie VanDeusen says

    Sarah is correct! It’s not the character of Drew we want back. It’s Drew played by Billy Miller and his as FV put “ intense chemistry with Kelly Monaco. That can’t be recreated. And to recast with someone not even remotely resembling Billy is just a fail before it even starts. My guess is CM was not originally supposed to be Drew but now they need someone to redeem Peter to bring back Wes. They are not doing Cam any favors

  6. […] and Sam have been on-again/off-again for nearly two decades and she was considered his ride or die. Even when Jason did die — or was presumed […]

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