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General Hospital Spoilers: Truth About SEC Comes Out, Sonny’s Next Move

General Hospital Spoilers: Truth About SEC Comes Out, Sonny's Next Move

General Hospital (GH) spoilers suggest that the truth about SEC has finally come out. What’s Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Bernard) next move? The predictions have already come out. Keep on reading to learn more.

GH Spoilers: What Will Sonny Do?

The General Hospital spoilers suggest what Sonny could do next. He will learn the truth about Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and the SEC. Fans placed predictions for what Sonny will do once he finds out. The user Bricky_#1_Fan posted a poll on the Message Boards.

About 35% of fans believe he will end things with Nina for good. Twenty-one percent of fans think Sonny will get angry with her at first and eventually forgive her. Thirteen percent believe that Sonny will get angry at first and quickly forgive her, while the remaining eight percent have different theories.

One fan predicted: “I am starting to suspect that a couple of storylines are going to break up Sonny and Nina, and Anna and Valentine, and Valentine and Nina will get back together. I suspect Nina will tell Sonny that she did it.”

Another user wrote: “He will forgive her. Sonny lives in a glass house. Sonny will realize that Nina turned Carly in because of Nelle’s death, Willo’s hidden paternity, Carly’s despicable covert manipulation of Wiley’s visitation, and because it was the right thing to do as a citizen.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Should Nina Leave Town?

Meanwhile, the General Hospital spoilers hint as to what Nina will do once Sonny finds out. She could leave town. The user QStan0710 predicted: “Nina needs to leave town, once the SEC truth comes out.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Truth About SEC Comes Out, Sonny's Next Move

Most GH fans are doubtful that it will happen. Nina is well-liked by the viewers. If she left the show, even temporarily, they might have a riot. It’s unlikely Nina to leave her family and friends behind.

“Nina needs therapy, period. Perhaps inpatient, away from her enablers, but she needs to see how her attitudes affect others, and reexamine her life pre and post-coma,” one user suggested.

“I seriously doubt that Cynthia Watros/Nina will be leaving the show anytime soon,” a fan commented.

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that Nina will stick around. She is still loved by the fanbase, even if she has haters. Fans would like to see her stick around. They want her back with Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart).

What are your thoughts? What do you think Sonny will do now that the truth has come out? Do you think Nina is going to leave town? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Barbara s says

    I hate to say it, but I think that Sonny will forgive Nina. I hate to say it, but I think that he will. Hope he doesn’t, because she will try to take everything of

  2. Virgie Mickens says

    She can stay ,no one is going to like her in Port Charles not even Kristen. Willow her daughter not going to let her see the grandchildren. Sunny is not going to let her run around with Cassendine.

  3. Doll says

    Sonny hates snitched and betrayal. Nina did both, caused drew to inadvertently get assaulted, caused Ned to get a head injury and lie to Michael and Willow. She needs to look out for Carly and Olivia when it comes out. Olivia is more dangerous than Carly because it was her husband that got hurt.

    1. Gammalinda48 says

      Love your comment, your exactly right!! I was reading how Fans love Nina, why would they?? I hope she gets blasted from all the People she hurt because her hate for Carly!! Yes a part of me is just maybe she should stay on GH because she does care when it comes to Valentin, Charlotte, and most important Willow & her grandchildren!! What she did was Horrible, but she wasn’t in her right mind!! Afterall she was getting it from all ends, Carly, Michael, actually everyone except Liesl’s coming to her aid !! Indeed she’ll pay for it, don’t know how she’ll get back on her feet after this will be another storyline I’m sure!! I guess we’ll have to stay Tune for this RIGHT!!

  4. Eleanor says

    I don’t see sonny will ever 4 give Nina 4 turning in Drew and Carly and conspiracy with Martin. And now Sonny will find this as well. He would love the idea 💡 of Nina be back 2 Valtine at all. Eddie mane will remember catching her talking about it with Martin. His memory will return soon on everything. Good bye Nina and Gladys 4 what she is doing 2 Shasta. Sonny will find out what has been done 2 his niece.

  5. Alice says

    I think sonny will leave Nina and go back with his family, which is Carly Nina know what she is doing she has sonny why be so jealous of carly.

  6. Arlene says

    Nina showed up with a malicious agenda initially. She will always have an agenda. The so called chemistry between Nina and Sonny has always been flat and her insecurities just do not fit with Sonny’s character

  7. Rosie says

    I think sonny will leave Nina and he and Carley will get back togeather because she really understand his business.I’m still hoping Jason will return to help Sonny with the situations he’s in now,I want Sasha to have a happy ending.

  8. Jo says

    Nina should not have turned Drew and Carly in I hope Sonny see her for what she is very hateful and he breaks up with her for good now what would be a interesting turn is Sonny and Lois get together

  9. Jo says

    I think Sonny should dump Nina for what she did to Carly and Drew now what would be and interesting match up is Sonny And Lois

  10. Sara says

    Nina has been selfish and well basically nasty for a long time. starting with cinvincion Mike to stay away from port Charles. it’s always been Nina doing what Nina wants no matter what.

  11. Alis says

    I think sonny will leave Nina, she is doing tooo much damaged.

  12. Terry says

    Cannot STAND Nina….especially with Sonny, he always has gone back to Carly, do not like Drew with Carly either, just a long-time watcher, many years and remember when Brenda, his best love, betrayed him and what it did. Will be interesting to see, but, surely needs to come out that Nina did this. Michael just acts like he is better than everyone…his turn is coming! May be shortly from Willow! A “wait and see” kind of game here. Carly is always pushing people around. Her turn too…..maybe.

  13. Vee says

    I think Sonny will forgive Nina and that she will receive some inpatient treatment. They will remain and there will always be drama.

  14. Sheila Jankin says

    I think Nina should have tell sonny herself before someone else does. and if sonny gets made and throws her out. She should not hurt anyone but have a nervous breakdown infront of sonny and then he starts to realize everything Carly put Nina through and have some compassion for the woman he clames to love so much. As he knows Carly is no angel.

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